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Burlingame Contractor

Burlingame Contractor

Life in the Bay Area allows for year-round appreciation of the beautiful pastoral wonders that we have been afforded by mother nature. And what better way to enjoy your backyard than with a patio to make your neighbors come knockin’ asking for you to hold a party at your house! Even if you aren’t the entertainer but prefer to be entertained, a patio remodel could be just the thing that spurs you to enjoy the outdoors a little bit more.

Bradley Construction has more than 35 years experience in the home remodeling industry and we have left our footprint (an ever decreasing ecological footprint at that) throughout the Bay Area from Burlingame to San Francisco to Los Gatos. With our expertise and foremost knowledge in the home building industry, we can help craft for you the patio remodel that will allow for you to enjoy your backyard with the utmost delight.

Bradley Construction: Proud Contractor and Home Remodeler

When assuming the responsibility of deciding what and where to spend money on an investment in remodeling your home, the experts always head for the kitchen and then the bathroom. And yet, in California, where we spend so much of our time outside, the exterior of our homes and properties can begin to look in disrepair, especially from earthquakes, rains, and the sun. Nature takes its toll on our homes when we aren’t looking. If you are considering remodeling the outside of your property then we suggest you look no further then outside your front (or rear) door. Driveway replacements can often be costly to completely replace, but their other solutions to help “pave” your way to a smoother driveway.

If you are interested in remodeling your home, or are looking for a professional contractors opinion as to the foremost critical remodel that your home may need, contact Bradley Construction today to help assist you with your construction needs.

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